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- Reduce wrinkles
- Tighten skin
- Treat brown spots
- Improve skin irregularities
- Smooth and treat uneven pigmentation
- Treat dark undereye circles
- Reduce pore size
- Great for rejuvenating neckline and hands

Over the years signs of aging appear as a result of exposure to the sun (photoaging) and the effects of gravity and natural aging.

The texture, elasticity and pigmentation of your skin can be affected, often resulting in unwanted wrinkles and fine lines, sun spots, sagging skin and enlarged pores. This look of premature aging can negatively impact how we feel about our appearance. Now you can address these signs of aging with optimal results and minimal downtime.

Dr. John Pedrotty performs SmartSkin CO2 Laser Skin Renewal (Cynosure, Inc.) to rejuvenate and restore your skin to a younger appearance. Unlike CO2 laser treatments of the past, which required a long recovery time and other risks, the SmartSkin CO2 Laser resurfaces only small, fractional areas of skin leaving healthy tissue surrounding each microscopic, resurfaced area. This method greatly reduces patient down-time and discomfort.

Dr. Pedrotty will carefully determine the best course of treatment based on your expectations and lifestyle. You may opt for 2 to 3 sessions with minimal downtime. Or if you are able to take a longer downtime, experience dramatic results in just one treatment.